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Keeping tropical fish requires a variety of equipment, from tanks, heaters and pumps, to fish tank plants and ornaments. We supply high quality fish tanks and accessories. With in-house advice on evaluating the right equipment for your purpose, to selecting, maintaining and guaranteeing your items. Ensuring you get the equipment that is right for your fish and and the fish that are right for your equipment. The products we supply are date stamped on purchase to ensure every customer recieves their full guarantee time entitlement.
External filters
Nautilus Range
3 year guarantee
Aqua One Occelaris Range
3 year guarantee

nautilus filter    ocellaris filters  

The Ocellaris Canister Filter is an exremely quiet, energy efficient and powerful pressurised filter, featuring easy to use technology.


The quick release tap system ensures a fast, easy and mess free filter maintenance.

850 and 1400 models built in primer primes the filter literally at the push of a button. Biological and Mechanical filter media is included.

The modular design enables additional filtration media to be added so that you can customize your filter to suit your requirements

Aqua-One guarantee.
We offer a 2 year in-store period where we replace or repair any manufacturer faulty parts.
Occelaris 400                       £39.85

Occelaris 850                       £83.85
Occelaris 850 with UV        £114.85
Occelaris 1400                    £124.85
Occelaris 1400 with UV      £149.85

Internal sponge filters

air driven filter
model        price
30              6.50
60              8.50
136            9.50

Ideal for small aquariums.
Perfect for breeding or hospital tanks.
We always try to have the time to assist you make a considered purchase of items.
We can show you the features of the items and the maintainance required. And stamp guarantees.
 Please note: Electrical and safety regulations make it problematic to sell a returned item as new. So we will never sell a returned electrical or glass item in our shop. If you do wish to return an item, We are able to offer a credit or an upgrade / downgrade if you have purchased an item that is the wrong size. Not on specially ordered items.
We can only do this for items we are able to use in our shop.
Unopened food and sealed non electrical items we are able to offer a refund if a credit or exchange is not required.
Aquarium heaters     Light tubes
Aqua One Glass
3 year guarantee
    Juwel T5 light bulbs &
Aqua one T8 light bulbs.
   aqua one glass heater     
All one price. 25-300w
Allow 1w per litre of water
£19.85 each

2+1 year gtee.  From global brand 'Aqua One'
top quality at best price.
        Juwel T5 light tubes

Air Pumps                                                           Gravel cleaners
Spare Juwel powerheads
(from stock)
Aqua One Range
2 year guarantee
Aqua One
gravel cleaners
Aqua one pro
gravel cleaners
    juwel powerhead for sale   stellar air pump    gravel cleaners          Aqua one pro gravel cleaner
low pressure high volume quiet low volume high pressure essential equipment for the regular maintainence of your aquarium. essential equipment for the regular maintainence of your aquarium. Pump start.
Broken light unit?
LED replacements available.
Juwel spare light bars T5 (from stock & order) Aqua One & Aquadistri
PL light  tubes
spare bulbs
   twin 25w light bar    juwel light bar for sale         aqua one pl light tubes     den bulb frf light bulbfrf spare bulb for sale