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Aquarium decor 'Aquascaping' is split into two styles.
The unique look of Fantasy castles and Shipwrecks
to the 'Taken from nature' natural look with live plants, rock and driftwood branches.
Section 1: The polyresin aquarium ornament range & artificial plants.
Section 2: The natural aquarium decor. Live aquarium plants (Click here)
SECTION 1:Classic AquaticsAqua OneBlue ribbon
Below are a few of the Polyresin ornaments we often stock.
We stock up to 80 different ornaments, Sizes that are suitable for a nano aquarium up to sunken Galleons over 30" long. We offer a range of aquarium decor options, from Live plant with rock and driftwood, to a pirate ship, Submarine or battleships.
2 hole decor single hole decor aqua one aquarium decoration marine aquarium decor for sale
Aquadistri aquarium decor in stock & Aqua One M
(Below) Samples of decor range often stocked. up to 80 designs available.  (TFB)

300 x 110 x 130

220 x 130 x 110

205 x 220 x 185
105 x 75 x 85
skull & Wood Barrel & skull Pharaoh skull Small Skull

330 x 130 x 230

250 x 205 x 285
195 x 150 x 130

150 x 140 x 275
Ship & sails  Roman tower Roman Square Roman tower
aquarium decor coral on rocks
130 x 110 x 145
Aquarium deco maidens temple
13" high
Aquarium decoration coral 
155 x 90 x 155
aquarium decoration temple ruins
195 x 150 x 130
 coral on rocks maidens temple new coral on rocks square temple ruins
aqua one rock caves for sale Aqua One Fish cubes for sale    
Aqua One fish caves aqua One fish cubes

315 x 125 x 170

260 x 250 x 260

various sizes
230 x 70 x 90
Coral Garden  gnarled Stump Flouro mix  Cannon
Large Classic Ornaments
also suitable for 'Biorb' aquariums.
between 280 - 300 mm tall
Medium Classic Ornaments
also suitable for 'Biorb' aquariums.
between 8" - 11"  tall
aquarium decor crashed helicopter aquarium decor crashed aircraft crashed aircraft aquarium decor aquarium decor aircraft
Aircaft wrecks. we stock a variety of items including Helicopters etc.
Aquarium Aircraft carrier
Aircraft carrier 600mm
2 piece frigate 600mm
2 piece Submarine 600mm
'The Fleet is in' We stock aquarium decor, galleons to battleships. Sizes 60cm to 80cm 
Artificial aquarium plants have improved greatly over the past few years, with the new 'silk' plants looking as good as the real thing. Artificial plants are not everlasting, though they are easier for the novice fishkeeper to use to achieve a professional look.
We are able to offer a variety of artificial decor plants to suit any budget.
Sample items and prices are shown below
Sizes vary from 4" - 5" - 6" - 8" - 12"   (long 15" & 18")
aquarium plant for sale aquarium plastic plant for sale aqua one aquarium plant for sale aqua one plastic plant decor for sale
(Above) Artificial Aquarium plants from Aqua One Hugo Kamishi and others.
 aqua one red milfoil
Aqua One milfoil

Artificial cluster

Aqua One fern

Aqua One silk Amazon sword plant
Aqua one silk plant multi pack 
Multi pack silk
(Above) Aqua One 'Plastic & Silk Range' in singles or 'saver' multi packs.
Aquarium planted with artificial plants
Fully planted with silk and assorted artifical plants
 Long Plastic aquarium plants 
Den Marketing long plastic plants
Plastic plant Multi pack
Multi pack Plastic
Aquarium planted with artificial plants
Fully planted with silk and assorted artifical rocks & plants
SECTION 2: Natural decor and aquarium plants.
Your aquarium can be your snapshot into nature. 
Your view of an underwater realm or a section of riverbank.

The options are as endless as the varieties of fish that you choose to keep within it.

Live aquatic plants & natural decor products can be the key to the success of your whole aquarium.
With a lush growth of plants your aquarium is transformed from a block of water  to a 'biotope'
a living artwork in your room.
Whether you prefer the Amazonian soft and gentle wood and live plant aquascape, or the hard and rocky African cichlid biotope. We can provide a selection of wood and rocks to choose from.
Rock is priced at around £2.95 per kilogram and wood is individually priced dependant on size and weight. (artificial wood and rock is now excellent quality. Gives reduced risk of scratching glass).
Aquarium decor mopani wood
Indonesian red wood
aquarium decor branched wood
Branched decorative wood
aquarium decoration wood trunk
Large decor wood
aquarium wood decoration
assorted mopani wood
Use of decorative aquarium slate
slate used to build background (using silicon glue)
aquarium decor slate
decor slate £2.95/Kg
aquarium decor ocean rock
Assorted decor rock £2.95/kg
Aquarium decor pebbles
River pebbles
river pebbles collect your own!
Holiday memories every time you look into your aquarium.
collected some ROCKS on your HOLIDAYS?

Many natural rocks and stone can be used in your aquarium.

test the item by placing a strong vinegar or acid onto the sample, Usually safe to use if there is no 'fizzing' reaction.
Carvable lava rock
aquarium lava rock
lightweight carvable lava rock £2.95/kg

One of the few items that it is best to purchase from your aquatic retailer. Some 'found' wood can give off toxins that are harmfull to your fish