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The Fishey Business. Southend-on-sea, Essex (c)1969since  1969  The Fishey Business 2014        

We offer a service that is dedicated to enabling every customer to become
a great fish keeper. from the smallest nano aquarium to the
grandest of panoramic aquariums.     
Our one on one advice will ensure you are able to select:
the right aquarium products for your fish, and
the right fish for your aquarium products.

We will help you select the products you need & advise you what you dont need.
Stand beside you when things go right & be there if things go wrong.

First opened in 1969 by Mr. Ken lane, The Fishey business was one of the first aquarium shops within the Southend area. Then as now, the primary focus was delivering quality products and livestock at affordable prices. Now. Forty years on, the shop is being run by Mr Adam Haynes, Who has worked at Fishey Business for 30 years. With the other main staff member, Tony and part time staff (Corrie & Teresa). We still aim to deliver the same standards of quality and service that our founder Mr. Ken Lane set out to do 40 years ago.

Through technology and advances in modern equipment we have been able to improve year on year, the advice and service we offer.
So where are we?
We are located at 148 London Road, Southend-on-sea, Essex. (SS11PH). We are on the southern side of the A13 'London road' within the central Southend area, 800m from the Odeon cinema and Sainsbury's. Click the 'Where are we' button to the left for a map of the local area.

We have 120 aquariums retail aquariums, in which we stock freshwater aquarium fish and plants. This includes 96 tropical freshwater aquariums and 24 coldwater aquariums. There are a further 12 aquariums dedicated to aquarium plants.
All of our livestock undergoes a thorugh quarantine process that includes isolation and
pre conditioning treatment before being considered suitable for sale.