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Compassion in fish keeping !

What fish can i put in my aquarium ?

This is a commonly asked question, however the question should be,
What fish will thrive in my aquarium?
There is an important difference.

We offer advice that will help you to equate your aquarium to your own living accomodation.
It would be amazing if we all lived in mansions had cooks and cleaners and had a huge garden to exercise in.

It would be amazing for your fish if they had huge aquariums to swim around in with regular diverse food and someone to clean and water change their aquarium.

In reality we live in somewhat smaller accomodation, but our accomodation is usually sufficient for our excercise needs and provides us with space to move around freely.

Your fish require an amount of space to enjoy the same standard of life that you would give yourself. Here is our guide to your fishes requirements.

Commonly the smallest fish we have available are 2cm body length and upto 1 cm tail.
We usually measure a fish by body length only, so, these are 2 cm fish !
(We recommend these fish for aquariums from 20 to 35 litres).celestial danio
A 2cm fish would require a 20 litre aquarium as an absolute minimum.
Using the standard of 1cm of fish to every 10 litres of water. 
In a 20 litre aquarium, 
we would generally allow up to 10 x 2cm fish (10 fish x 2cm = 20 litres)
 This gives a guide of 1cm of fish to each litre of aquarium water.
 Put into human terms this would give each fish the equivalent of a 1 bedroom flat.

So what about a single 8 cm fish in a 30 litre aquarium?

Well, yes! this fish would enjoy an amount of personal space but long term the fish would be restricted, (lack of excercise)  it would be the equivalent of you living 100% inside a single room / bedsit or large garden shed. We and it would be alive and survive. However we have the ability to give our animals a better environment and as soon as the opportunity arises we should increase the aquarium size to reflect the higher comfort requirements for your fish. (Ideally 80 litres plus).

For example, a common goldfish may live a few years in a small aquarium
(grow to 4-5 inches), It could live 10 to 15 years in a large aquarium (grow 7-10 inches) But, in a pond it could live for 30 years and grow in excess of 12 inches.
A healthy progression for the goldfish to live its best life is,
a couple of years in an aquarium then when possible into a large pond.

An aquatic retailer may not be allowed to reccomend you placing an 8cm fish in a
30 litre aquarium, due to Council licencing restrictions. But an experienced fishkeeper, knowing the fish would be in the aquarium for a limited time could,
'self supervise' and purchase the fish.
'Self supervision' takes away the legal responsibility of the shop and transfers it to the customer for the fish's well being under animal welfare legislation.

Ideally your fish would have the following conditions:

An aquarium that is long rather than tall. (fish swim horizontally)
An aquarium length of min 10 to 15 times their body length.
10 litres of water for every cm of fish length. (average adult fish length)
1 cm of fish per litre of water (plus or minus a bit is still okay)

Water change / gravel clean (25% per fortnight, or 50% per month. minimum)
Fed daily the amount that can be completely consumed in 2 minutes.
A variety of fish foods not the same every day.
Sponge filters rinsed in used aquarium water every month.