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Aquarium plants
Your aquarium can be your snapshot into nature. 
Your view of an underwater realm or a section of riverbank.

The options are as endless as the varieties of fish that you choose to keep within it.

Live aquatic plants can be the key to the success of your whole aquarium.
With a lush growth of plants your aquarium is transformed from a block of water  to a 'biotope'
a living artwork in your room.plant sales

Latest news update
BUCEPHALANDRA PLANTS. currently available.
These beautiful plants have just become available to us.
The price is for a potted plant.£2.75 per pot. (3 for £8.00).
Ready to be un-potted and attached to bogwood or rocks.
These are lovely looking plants. As of 7th November 2017.
these are arriving with approx. 20 leaves on each plant.
Phone first to confirm current stock availability,
and avoid dissapointment.

aquarium plants for sale

We try to keep 'Display aquarium' to a minimum in the shop.

Below is our plant growth display aquarium.
We have been displaying since 26.08.2015.
This aquarium does not use complicated
CO2 injection systems or any expensive
technical equipment. We have a plant growth
system that will deliver a similar
result in your home aquarium.
We estimate the running costs to be
in the region of 50p per 200 litres per week.

aquarium plants

AFTER 5 MONTHS (with ongoing monthly trimming)