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Aquarium plants
Your aquarium can be your snapshot into nature. 
Your view of an underwater realm or a section of riverbank.

The options are as endless as the varieties of fish that you choose to keep within it.

aquarium plants
Live aquatic plants can be the key to the success of your whole aquarium.
With a lush growth of plants your aquarium is transformed from a block of water  to a 'biotope'
a living artwork in your room.

Note: Plants as well as fish require care to grow. Although some aquariums settle at a natural
balance and plant growth is easy, most aquariums require some effort to achieve plant growth.
Adequate lighting (and duration) : Aquarium plant fertiliser : Available Co2 source.
these will help you grow your plants more successfully. The correct pH level is also important to maintain a reasonable CO2 uptake by the water. This can be achieved by adding a sub-soil that corrects the aquariums pH to 6.5 increasing the CO2 uptake by 80% over pH7.5 water.

plant sales

aquarium plants for sale

We try to keep 'Display aquarium' to a minimum in the shop.

Plant product testing. (Sub soil, nutrient and liquid CO2)
aquarium plants

AFTER 5 MONTHS (with ongoing monthly trimming)
AFTER 7 MONTHS (with ongoing monthly trimming)
plant aquarium now
After 2 years 3 months (below)
plant 4

Mosses and Moss decor.
Aquarium moss has become a popular addition to the aquarium. We have been experimenting with different moss growing ideas and techniques.
Below are a couple of ideas we have been working on.
We do have a small number of these items available in store that can be purchased
However: we hope they give you a few ideas to try yourselves.

moss 1moss2moss 3
ABOVE:1) Pelia moss ropes. 2) java tree  3)Tree pre-Java moss
moss 4moss5
ABOVE: Pelia moss on rock (Coral Moss)
Several mosses and crystalwort plants available in store from £3.25 per pot.
Ready for you to attach to rocks, wood or any decor you can imagine.
moss tree
moss balls     moss6
Floating java moss balls  &  java moss 'tai chi tree'.
ABOVE: Java moss and Pelia moss on tree with Chladaphora moss inserts.
These examples are newly constructed, they will be fuller and more moss filled as each week goes by.
Note: to keep these items looking good, some pruning will be necessary.
These are just a few ideas to start you on your way to
a plant and moss filled aquarium. Have fun!

A quick note about snails : Snails are a natural part of every eco-system, though unsightly they cause no harm to fish or plants. (Except Giant species 'apple snails' etc) They can be introduced to your aquarium as eggs or live baby snails in bags of fish, plant or gravel. they are opportunists, they will multiply in a similar manner to mice, when there is an excess of food they will breed to use the available food source. To reduce yoiur snail population you must reduce excessive fish feeding and ensure that regular gravel syphoning is carried out to remove the excess food. Botia loaches or assassin snails (cannibal snails) can also be used to eradicate snails if required. Generally smaller aquariums suffer more snail issues than large aquariums, where snail eating species can control the population.

We cannot offer snail free plants: If you wish to reduce the possibility of adding snails to your aquarium, soak your new plants in salty water for 10 mins. Then rinse off before adding to your aquarium.
Our plants have not had any snail killing chemicals added to their aquariums. This eliminates the possibility of residual snail killing chemicals killing ornate and helpful snail species in your aquarium