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(stock photos: All species and colours subject to natural variation)
Twin tailed goldfish varieties  (OFTEN STOCKED)   (info below)

as a short term starter home.

We are unable to supply goldfish for 'goldfish bowls'
or any filtered or un-filtered aquarium below 20 litres
White ryukin

white fantail. white ryukin for sale
Red Cap Oranda

red cap oranda for sale
 mixed ryukins 

red and white ryukin for sale
Black Moors

black moor goldfish for sale
Red & White ryukin

red and white ryukin for sale
assorted ryukin

white fantail. white ryukin for sale
Celestial goldfish

Celestial goldfish for sale
tiger head goldfish

ranchu for sale
Blue Oranda

blue oranda for sale
chocolate Oranda

chocolate Oranda for sale
Pom pom oranda

Red Orandas

red oranda for sale
Telescope Moor

red moor goldfish for sale
calico oranda

calico oranda for sale
2 COLOUR Oranda

red oranda for sale
Single tail goldfish varieties.
goldfish 6cm
 from £2.95
red goldfish for sale
Sarassa 6cm
from £2.95
red and white goldfish for sale
calico goldfish
6cm from £2.95
shubunkin goldfish for sale
 yellow goldfish
6cm   £2.95
lemon goldfish for sale
red cap goldfish
(rarely available)
red cap comet goldfish for sale
goldfish offer 
from £2.95 2 for £5
red comet goldfish for sale
Black Goldfish
from £5.50
black goldfish for sale
Shubunkin Offer
from £2.95 2 for £5
shubunkin goldfish for sale
How to care for your goldfish.
We have taken great care to ensure the fish we supply are of excellent quality and condition. Ideally we would like every goldfish we supply to live to a mature old age.
We will offer assistance to you when purchasing the coldwater fish you desire.
We will encourage you to give your fish a spacious and clean environment.
We will advise you of the fishes dietry requirements.
& We will always be available to offer advice and tips when required.
If you experience any issues, please 'ask us' we are happy to help you.

To ensure a large margin of comfort for your fish, we will recommend.
Small Goldfish (1" - 2 ")
: Allow minimum 10 to 20 litres per fish.
Minimum aquarium size 20 litres. Max fish size (1:10) a 6 cm long (body). = 60 litre aquarium.experienced fish keepers (at their own risk)
Sometimes choose to exceed these levels.
This is possible but may reduce the safety & comfort margin of the fish.

Fish compatability: Like most animals, Goldfish have variations in their social habits.
We can offer advice but are unable to offer guarantees of compatability.
Territorial disputes can be a cause of disruption within an aquarium, it can help to reposition decor when introducing new fish. The internet can offer some usefull advice when researching new species.

When cared for, goldfish can live for over 20 years.

There are 2 types of Goldfish. Common (slim single tail) & Fancy (twin tailed round bodied.) Common goldfish may live in an unfiltered aquarium. (weekly water changes)! All Goldfish benefit from the addition of a filter. The fancy goldfish require filtration and lots of swimming space.
We offer the advice that: 'mixing the 2 types can sometimes result in the fancy species being denied the ability to feed, by the faster common species'. With care aquarists can achieve this mix safely. NOTE: Correct feeding and regular water changes are the key to goldfish health and successful fish keeping.
Sinking (best) or floating granular pellet foods and occasional frozen foods, are all that is required to keep your goldfish healthy. (small goldfish = 6 granules per fish per day)