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Siamese betta previous shop stock photos. (note: not current stock)

siamese fighting fishsuiamese bettasiamese bettasiamese betta crown tail

siamese betta siamese fighting fishjapanese samuri fishjapanese fisghting fish

siamese fighting fishsiamese fighting fishcrown tail siamese fightersiamese betta male

samuri fishdouble tail siamese betta
siamese fighting fishSiamese fighter

Double tail bettaCrown tail betta
NOTES on Siamese bettas.

Male bettas are rarely aggressive towards other similar sized tank mates. Only about one in twenty are troublesome, and this is usually due to seeing a large finned fish that it mistakes for another male betta. 
Or they are in an aquarium with very small fish they believe, you put there for them to eat.

Small aquariums of 4 to 16 litres are often sold as 'suitable for a siamese betta fish'.
We will only sell Betta fish for aquariums exceeding 20 litres (at the very minimum).
The natural habitat of siamese bettas is 'not' a puddle. They live in large shallow waterways. Hundreds of bettas patrol their own areas hoping to attract a female and chasing off other males. Although male bettas are often seen in small aquariums their natural habitat includes a large area of water with reeds and lilly pads, where the bettas will build their bubble nests.
Shops use small temporary holding units to ensure two males are never accidentally placed in the same aquarium.
For a betta to live its whole life in a small aquarium would be the same as a person being confined to a garden shed, for life ! They would be alive, but, it would not be a good life.
Please be generous to your Betta and let it experience space and interact with other community fish.