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We offer a large range of live aquarium plants.
Too many to list, as seasonal availability ensures some species are at their best
Some species we will not stock when they are in their off season. This is to ensure the plants we supply are in perfect health and ready to be transplanted to your aquarium.
Pots and bunched plants £2.40 each
aquarium plants 1
Buy 3 for £7.00 - Buy 10 for £21.00 
aquarium plants 2
invitro moss 1 invitro 2
In-vitro pots £4.50
hairgrass 1 invitro 3
We have been testing a large selection of aquarium plant growth products over a number of years.
We have finally found a system that, we believe is practically fool proof.
Having tested and experimented with a variety of CO2 products from electrolosis to
 yeast + sugar (and beyond). Tested substrate fertilisers from around the world including John Innes to dirt and dust!. Used fertilisers from liquid dung to liquid Iron.
We have a system that is easy to replicate for our customers. a system that is low cost and provides the lush plant growth that the home aquarist can be proud of.
for literally pennies a day.
Please come into the store for details.
Aquarium first set up 26 august 2015
Aquarium plant products, test aquarium (photo  5th December 2015)

show aquarium 1
Aquarium plant products, test aquarium (photo) 23rd Feburary 2016
display aquarium 2
Note: during the short lifetime of this aquarium.
We have also used it to experiment and test, algae removing products.
We can now offer an algae removal product that can be used in conjunction with the plant growth system, without any detrimental effects to your plants or fish.
Again: come into the store for details (if you have algae issues).