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Mosses and Moss decor.
Aquarium moss has become a popular addition to the aquarium. We have been experimenting with different moss growing ideas and techniques.
Below are a couple of ideas we have been working on.
We do have a small number of these items available in store that can be purchased
However: we hope they give you a few ideas to try yourselves.

moss 1moss2moss 3
ABOVE:1) Pelia moss ropes. 2) java tree  3)Tree pre-Java moss
moss 4moss5
ABOVE: Pelia moss on rock (Coral Moss)
Several mosses and crystalwort plants available in store from £2.40 per pot.
Ready for you to attach to rocks, wood or any decor you can imagine.
moss tree
moss balls     moss6
Floating java moss balls  &  java moss 'tai chi tree'.
ABOVE: Java moss and Pelia moss on tree with Chladaphora moss inserts.
These examples are newly constructed, they will be fuller and more moss filled as each week goes by.
Note: to keep these items looking good, some pruning will be necessary.
These are just a few ideas to start you on your way to
a plant and moss filled aquarium. Have fun!