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Fish health problems in aquariums.
The majority of fish health problems in aquariums are environmental.
Smaller aquariums tend to have more health issues than larger aquariums.

Common ailments are:
White spot : (approximate equivalent to having fleas (easy to control in the early stages))

What Causes White Spots?

This disease can be caused by:

Abrupt changes in environmental conditions, for example if replacement water is at a lower temperature than the temperature of the tank water.

Introduction of fish that were incubating the disease into a poorly-maintained aquarium.

Introduction of decorations or plants that carrying cysts of the parasite.

What causes fungus in aquariums?
Fungi exist throughout most aquariums, but certain conditions increase the possibility of fungal infections consisting of: 1 Poor water quality 2 Poor health 3 Dead fish or large amounts of decaying natural material in the tank or Fish that are hurt, old, or have other illness

What causes Bacterial infection in aquariums?
Bacteria : (Similar to humans, can strike at any time)
The Most Common Bacterial Infections In Aquarium Fish. Vibriosis – This disease is caused by a number of strains of infectious bacterium belonging to the genus Vibrio. Vibriosis is most common in marine and brackish aquariums but it has been known to affect tropical species of freshwater fish as well.

Bacterial infections are common among freshwater aquarium fish, especially in tanks where the water quality is low. Low water quality may be caused by overfeeding, inadequate filtration or a number of other factors. When the water quality in your tank declines, your fish are likely to become stressed, which increases their susceptibility to disease.

3 treatments to keep at home
1) Anti-white spot treatment
2) Anti fungus treatment
3) Anti internal bacteria treatment

Note: Treatments for 1) &2) are often a combined treatment (1 cures both)

Prevention is better than cure.

A regularly maintained aquarium will help keep fish diseases to a minimum.
A separate quarantine aquarium is reccomended for every fish keeper, to observe newly purchased fish for a period of time before adding them to your aquarium.

2 golden rules to fish keeping: