Barb family fish
Barbs make a great addition to any aquarium depending on the other inhabitants. The more energetic barbs
(tigerbarbs) can be intolerant of more placid tankmates , but this is basically a frustrated expression of their
desire to play and will usually stop if they have enough others of their own species to interact with. For this
reason, you should always keep them in groups of six or more.
Many other barbs are quite small (checker, cherry) but they'll need plenty of room in the aquarium to swim about.
They enjoy having plants to chase around and the quieter species appreciate hiding places.
There are also the larger species that will more require robust larger tankmates.(Tinfoil, spanner).
  black ruby barb for sale Ruby Barbs are schooling fish that should always be kept in groups of five or more. They are less nippy than their cousin the Tiger Barb, and are suitable for community aquariums with other peaceful fish. Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Catfish etc.
  cherry barb for sale The Cherry Barb is a great tropical fish for the beginner. Usually up to (5 cm). The Cherry Barb does best
in a school, preferably 6 or more them.The Cherry Barb is almost extinct in the wild but are still doing well within the tropical fish hobby
  golden barbs for sale Kept in groups consisting of at least 5. A well planted aquarium is recommended, but an open area for swimming should also be included in the set up.18 – 24°C / 64 – 75°F
grow upto 2" one of the friendlier barbs keep with other medium sized tankmates.
  ticto / odessa barb for sale Kept in groups consisting of at least 5 . A well planted aquarium is
recommended, but an open area for swimming should also be included in the set up. Compared to tropical fish
speciesthe Odessa barbs are used to rather cold water temperatures; from 64 – 71°F
  spanner barb for sale The Spanner barb is a hardy
aquarium fish although it can be a little boisterous and may chase some fishes. Taking this into account it should only be kept with other medium-large
active and robust fishes.
  striped barb for sale Suitable for community aquariums with other mid-sized species. It should only be kept in shoals of 6 fish or more. Avoid keeping it with aggressive species. grows up to 12cm.23-26˚C / 73-79ºF.
  checker barb for sale
The checker barb is a schooling fish that is well suited to a community aquarium. It occupies the medium to
lower levels of the aquarium and is an omnivore, doing well on processed foods. It's a tropical species (75-77° F).
  pentazona barb for sale An ideal addition to a peaceful
community Avoid boisterous or very vigorous tankmates as they may outcompete it for food. Ideally should be kept in a group of at least 6-10 specimens to enhance their
  tinfoil barb for sale Tinfoil Barbs grow to be large.
They are hardy, energetic, mild
tempered, and usually don't bother other fish. Tinfoils can swim fast to avoid being bothered by other fish, and this makes Tinfoil Barbs good fish for large aquariums with
large fish.
Rosy barb (above). Is designated in the UK as a temperate species: It is suitable for an indoor
aquarium with a filter. Heater optional. (OATA)
The Rosy barb is hardy & mostly
friendly and stays relatively small. A fish that can be kept even by novice aquarist.18 – 22°C / 64.5 –
 71.5°F These fish an be kept in an indoor unheated aquarium.
  rombocellatus barb for sale In stock.
  red line torpedo barb These fish inhabit fast-flowing
freshwater streams and rivers in
India As a shoaling fish, one of the more peaceful barbs. they are happier when kept with others. our stock are captive bred.preferably in groups
of 4-6)
  tiger barb for salealbino tiger barb for salegreen tiger barb for sale This is a species that does
need company and will do best
in a school of at least six or
seven fishes. They are rather nippy They have been known to nip the fins of slower moving and long-finned fish
. black ruby barb for sale  
. black ruby barb for sale